Our company has developed synergies with engineer professional of various academic fields and disciplines.  Our services focus on private project studies, construction preparation and renovation and technical consultancy services, from design to project completion. Our in-depth involvement in every project and the flexible team organization according to our clients’ specific needs, ensure the successful completion of even the most complex technical issues and studies.

Studies – Licenses

We undertake building permits and operating licenses for every project. We carry out studies on restorations, specific uses, etc. and issue the corresponding licenses.


We undertake the construction of each technical project, setting the technical standards’ bar high, while taking over the monitoring and supervision of the project with the help of experienced and qualified engineers and partners.


We undertake buildings᾽, offices᾽, shops᾽ and apartments᾽ renovations offering the whole range of the required work through our partner’s network. We focus on the best possible result within the agreed time and budget framework.


We undertake the preparation and drawing of topographical charts / topographic surveys, according to the latest technical standards, using high end equipment.

Εnergy Performance Certificates

We issue Energy Performance Certificates of apartments, shops, new or renovated constructions.


We undertake the procedure of putting into a legal mainframe, arbitrary and semi-open settlement cases. Unauthorized construction and violations can be legally arranged and/or settled.

We make your vision come true. We aim at a result that will exceed your expectations.

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