Who we are

D & S

The heart and mind of our office is Dimitris Manolas and Socrates Papadopoulos. Both dedicated to urban studies and constructions of various types of projects they undertake any project, saving time and money for the client.


Dimitris Manolas

He has 15 years of experience as a supervising civil engineer and project coordinator.
He has mainly dealt with public buildings construction (schools, kindergartens, cinemas, cultural centers, hydraulic infrastructure and road construction projects).
He has an Engineering Infrastructure Diploma from Athens Technological Institute (TEI).

Socrates Papadopoulos

He has 20 years of experience in projects concerning building maintenance, through management companies.
He holds a Diploma on Electrical installations.

Our philosophy

A reliable technical support and Consulting in all areas related to construction.

It is in our philosophy to “give life” to your dreams and your goals. For every project you have in mind, no matter how large or small it is, no matter the budget.

We give the best of our knowledge, experience and capabilities, to deliver perfect results, showing remarkable diligence and always combining aesthetics with science. Our knowledge and experience allows us to make accurate cost estimates for each project from the beginning, and delivering the project, always within the pre-agreed schedules. This leads in both time and money saving. Our offer is a value for money proposition.

By choosing DSConstruction, your investement becomes more valuable.

We make your vision come true. We aim at a result that will exceed your expectations.

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